Rabu, 14 November 2012

Think Positive!

Think Positive! I always heard about how to be an impressive person tomorrow. From my observation recently, I found about 30% of people have a negative mind. What I mean is there is Malaysian people whose negative thinker. “What, do you want to say that Malaysian are not good?” No. I don’t say it. I just want to say that some of us have that behaviour. However there is still Malaysian people have a positive mind and always smile whatever happens in their life.
Do you know, the research shows that people who always think positive have less or zero critical disease. Why?  Because optimism enables to handle the stressful situation, they always talk to themselves ( it does not meant they are crazy)  and avoid themselves from alcohol and smoke. Self-talk is very good idea for optimism. It is effective for you and me too. I always do self talk. What you should do is talk to yourself with a positive word and motivates words. Let this positive words play in your mind. After that you will feel like you get a new power and becomes a zeal person. Just try it. Maybe you can start with “I can do it!” Talk this word 40times and you can feel everything becomes easy to do.
Then you can say “ I’m so clever” many times but its good if you can say 40 times. If you had finish doing something, say to yourself, “Welldone  (Your name)!
One secret that I want to share with you is when you are thinking positive you will becomes more healthier! Your lifespan increased, your rates of depression decreased, better psychological and physical well-being  and many more. You can refer to this website http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/positive-thinking/SR00009
So, what are you waiting for? Start to think positive right now! You will have a better life after this or you will lost it if you not start now.  Good luck everyone!

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